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Hosting & Maintenance 

Host your application on a cloud-based solution where we help manage and maintain the server. We also oversee all application updates, SSL Certification renewals and server care.

  • Hosting

    We are experts in:

    - Amazon Web Service (AWS)

    - Azure

    - Rackspace

  • Adaptive Maintenance

    Changes in the environment your software lives in.

  • Corrective Maintenance

    Address errors and faults in your software that could affect various areas of your software design, logic or code.

  • Perfective Maintenance

    Changes to the evolution of requirements and features in your existing system.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Changes made to increase the understanding and maintainability of your software in the long run.



We help with implementing your software. Our team helps create and publish the needed sites necessary for you to access the application’s Production and Test instances.

  • Installations

    Comprised of remote assistance, for software installations, at each Customer site.​

  • Integration and Configuration

    The process of merging software within a new, or, pre-existing, environment is one of our offered skill sets.

  • Upgrades and Migrations

    Managing each software upgrade and environment migration from initial discussions to Go-Live.

Customer Support 

We help provide the customer support your customers need. If there is support that requires specialized technical knowledge, we are always there to help.

  • 24/7 Software Support

    Around the clock aid can be made available for all your support needs via email or phone.

  • Incident Handling

    We address all reported incidents to ensure customer satisfaction.

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