Once you have proven your concept, it is time to receive investment so that you can develop your product. Securing investment can be fast for some companies, but slow for others. Depending on the investor, you might have to have more proof in the viability of your business concept. Nonetheless, the process of pitching in front of investors is the same. 


     Spend a lot of time researching the right investors to pitch your company to. Different companies call for different investors, so chose wisely whom you want to do business with. When you find the investors that you want to talk to, start to build the relationship with the investor prior to pitching to them. What a lot of entrepreneurs forget is, investors, invest in people. If they see the body of work you have accomplished, they are more likely going to want to invest in you!


     Now it is time to think about your presentation, often referred to as a pitch deck. Your pitch deck, a presentation designed to give an overview of your business, should have these core components:


Cover Slide:

  • The name of your startup.

  • Have the logo on this page.

  • Have the tagline associated with your company.


The Opportunity:

  • Explain the problem or unmet need (Pain / Gain).



  • Explain your solution to the problem.

  • Show the visuals of the product, and/or service.


Market Size:

  • Show the total addressable market (TAM).

  • Show the available market.


Business Model:

  • Describe your monetization model.


Revenue Forecast:

  • Have a char that shows your financial proforma.



  • Create a chart that shows how you compare to your competitors.



  • Show where you want to go, and when you will get there.



  • Show the results of your pilot tests, or early commitments you have collected through demoing your product.


Team / Advisory Board:

  • Show the team that is working for your company.

  • Show the experts that you have advising within your company.


The ask:

  • Clearly state what you want out of this meeting.


Closing Slide:

  • Thank the viewer, and leave your contact information up on the slide

     If these core slides are in your presentation, you are setting your company up for success. Keep in mind that your presentation should have very few words. The more words that your presentation has, the less the audience will be listening to you. The goal is to have your presentation flow seamlessly so that you are not reading off the slides, but instead captivating the audience.  Capture your audience with your passion and excitement, one of the best forms of presentation is storytelling. Tell a story so that the audience not only connects with you but your product as well.