How Innovative Software Solutions Avoids the Typical Third Party Pitfalls

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Many individuals starting a tech company are not aware of the dangers they might face when dealing with a third-party software development company. According to Rahul Varshneya’s article, there are five pitfalls entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs must be mindful of when outsourcing software development:

1. Communication barriers

  • Great time zone differences

  • Communication issues

  • Cultural conventions

2. Failure in understanding the scope of the project

  • Lacking a clear understanding of requirements & deliverables

  • Uncertain Expected timelines

  • Unclear project plans

3. Code quality challenges

  • Not implementing up-to-date methods of coding

  • Questionable code-testing. Propper software quality assurance methodologies lacking or missing

4. Ambiguity of stakeholders

  • Lack of accountability on who developed the code

5. Loopholes when signing the contract

  • Loosely framed contracts

  • Ownership of IP

Here at Innovative Software Solutions (ISS), we understand our customer’s concerns and address them from the beginning. Developing a concrete foundation is crucial for the growth and success of a company, and in the tech world, the code is huge part of the foundation.


Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Our customers love that we are located here in the United States. This eliminates language barriers, and allows us to meet with customers at any time during work hours. Also, with the help of our project manager, we keep each customer up-to-date with meetings, requirements, deliverables, and the overall progress of the software development. We want our customers to view our team as business partners, and not just a software development firm.

Failure in Understanding the Scope of the Project

Before working with a customer, we take our time to truly understand the scope of the project. Our process always starts with a series of meetings. Each of the initial meetings are designed to discover the requirements for your project. To ensure clarity for the scope of the project, we create a detailed document that outlines all of the requirements and deliverables. Throughout the development process we give our customers the ability to review our work during weekly meetings. This allows them the chance to play, and give feedback on the progress of their product throughout the whole development cycle.

Code Quality Challenges

Determining the quality of the third parties code can be very difficult. There is no set guideline on what is high- and low-quality software development. As Varshneya’s mentioned “good code needs to have two key qualities: clarity and maintainability”. Our developer’s foundation was built in medical software, our code is secure, dependable, and innovative. Because we started in medical software, we know the importance of debugging code. Our test team is designed to find bugs, which allows us to fix issues as we develop.

Ambiguity of Stakeholders

Many software development firms outsource work to independent contractors, making it hard to hold someone accountable for the work. The back-and-forth of resources can leaded to low code quality and delays on the deliverables. It is important to have consistency throughout the life span of the project. Here at ISS, we have project managers that delegate the responsibilities of development to our in-house development team. This eliminates the concern of accountability, quality, and delays on deliverables. Our customers know exactly who is doing the development and when they can expect to receive the work.

Loopholes when Singing the Contract

Signing a contract for development can be scary, especially when it is not detailed and clear. It is always important to carefully read the contract before signing it. Our contracts are clear, detailed, and put together with our customer allowing them to understand the whole scope of the project. Our contracts consist of the components Rahul Varshneya’s article mentioned:

  • Outlined deliverables as well as the timeframes

  • Feature-based contracts over time-based

  • Milestone based payments

  • Instilling code guarantees

  • Maintenance support contracts

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Confidential agreement

  • Indemnity clauses

  • Termination clauses

  • Jurisdiction for resolution of issues

We make sure that are customers are comfortable with all that we do. Our goal is to make sure the customer is successful. ISS is not like other software development firms; we like to partner and stay with the customer throughout the lifetime of your company. This involvement is governed by our Software Care department. It is through this department we provide implementation, software maintenance, and customer support services.

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