Custom Medical Applications

Development Tools

We use the best languages and framework depending on your projects scope.

Tool Set:

  • Angular

  • PHP

  • Front-Door

  • Symphony

SaaS Products

Medical SaaS products are very beneficial, they can save money, time, and resources by eliminating problems like software maintenance and incompatibility.

SaaS Tools:

  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Rackspace

Medical Applications

Every medical company, or, hospital is different, which means, every software solution should be different too. We listen to your software development needs, and provide you the the best possible solution! Whether it is for web, iOS, or Android platforms, we are here to help build your software.

Devices & Platforms

Picking a device & platform can be a difficult! If you are not sure of the best options, we are here to help.


  • iOS

  • Android

  • Web


  • Smartphones

  • ipad

  • Tablets

Integration with Electronic Medical Records

We create products that can integrate with  EMR/EHR third party software:

  • Epic 

  • Cerner

  • ESO

  • Meditech

  • Allscripts

We have experience with developing interfaces that integrate our customers’ separate devices, hardware, and software components together.

  • HL7

  • Mirth (NextGen Connect)


  • Proprietary Interface Engines



We understand the importance of sensitive data and protection. We develop applications that support HIPAA standards, follow FDA regulations, and adhere to other industry standards! This ensures that you have safe and reliable products.

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