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Over 15 years of Medical Software Development!

Custom Software

Every medical company, or, hospital is different, which means every software solution should be different too. We listen to your software development needs, and provide you the the best possible solution! Whether it is for web, iOS, or Android we are here to help build your software ware.

Devices & Platforms

Picking Device & platform can be a difficult! If you are not sure of the best options, we are here to help.


  • iOS

  • Android

  • Web


  • Smartphones

  • ipad

  • Tablets

HIPPA Compliance

We understand the importance of sensitive data and protection. That is why we deliver applications that are in compliance with HIPPA regulations and other industry standards! This ensures that you have safe and reliable product.

Integration with Existing Infrastructures

Thanks to our custom software approach to applications, we can easily integrate with yours, or, other existing software. This allows synchronization between devices, and/or, applications! 


  • Smartphones

  • ipad

  • Tablets