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Case Study

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The Objective
High schools and youth sports lacked a digital platform. This limited them to utilize cash-only methods for ticket sales. These organizations desired a system to pre-sale digital tickets for pre-event revenue and send news to their total fan base. This system allows them to capture data and produce reports on attendees and revenue.
The Challenge 
The founders of Passioo came to ISS wanting to develop their business concept into an iOS and android application.
Our Commitment
Our commitment: to properly guide our client’s business concept from an idea to a product ready for funding.
Our Solution
Through ISS’ Concept Development Package and guidelines, Passioo was able to take shape and become a functioning startup. Today, Passioo has successfully ran events and are on the cusp of becoming a fully funded company.
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“When I first met with ISS, I believed Passioo was ready to receive funding for development. It was through the Concept Development Package, I discovered and acquired, the five main components needed to seek funding. I would recommend ISS’ CDP to anyone who is serious about starting their own tech business.”

-Darius Wynn, Co-Founder at Passioo

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