Your Journey to becoming the next big tech company.

Let us help guide you to starting your company

How we help you!

We help transform your tech concept into a successfully running company. Through our Concept Development Program, we help flesh out your concept, supply you with funding, develop your application, and provide you with mentors allowing you to have the resources you need to create the next big tech company. Start your journey with us! 

Concept development concept

Our team of creative and strategic minds work with you to determine user demographics, required functionalities, and the best UX/UI approaches that will get your vision to market quickly and effectively.

We invest in your product

We never want money to be the reason a great idea fails to reach the market. When you join the ISS Family, we dedicate ourselves to finding creative financial backing & equity-for-work options that will get you to market without breaking your budget

Software development

With our team of expert engineers, we ensure that your software development process will be as smooth and efficient as possible - resulting in custom applications that are innovative, secure, and reliable.

Software Care

At ISS, we believe in offering more than just software development. We stay with you for the entire lifespan of your application. We focus on hosting, maintenance and care for your product's users so you can focus on your core competencies and growing the business.