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the Entrepreneur Within

Concept Development Program: Turning business concepts into valid solutions 

Ideation Process

Our industry experts work with you to turn your tech concept into a valued solution. We aim to help discover your minimum viable product and bring focus to your vision.


We help bring focus to your vision by providing a deeper understanding of your unique differentiating factors.

Discovering the Idea:

From the information that is gathered, we help determine the key features and functionalities your product needs for market entry.

Conceptualizing the MVP:

We help you map out your idea into a tangible model that will allow you to get a feel for the functionality and flow of your Minimal Viable Product.

Wire Framing:

Prototype Process

From paper to prototype, we allow you to see your key features come to life on either desktop, tablet, and/or mobile devices

Our design team develops clean and detailed images that represent how your product will look and feel.

Mock Screens:

Through a series of meetings, we implement your feedback to create screens that meet your exact specifications.

Reflect and Review: 

We create a prototype, using the finalized screens, that models how your product will function.


Market Validation

Using top notch analytics, our team delivers a sales and marketing plan which provides a road-map that will promote confidence in the viability and profitability of your product

We put you in front of your target customers to present your prototype, creating exposure to the market, and feedback on how to improve.

Product Demo::

We create an in-depth market analysis report using the information that is gathered from your target customers.

Analytical Breakdown:

We discuss the market analysis report to show your business's feasibility while providing a road-map that will promote confidence in your product.