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Concept Development Program

The concept development program is designed to help entrepreneurs take a technology concept, and turn it into valued solution that has product market fit. During this program, each applicant will connect with a numerous amount of resources to help build a strong foundation, as well as, an opportunity to receive capital funding. 


Ideation Proccess

1. Discovering the Idea: We help bring focus to your vision by providing a deeper understanding of your unique differentiating factors.

2. Conceptualizing the MVP: From the information that is gathered, we help determine the key features and functionalities your product needs for market entry.

3. Wire Framing: We help you map out your idea into a tangible model that will allow you to get a feel for the functionality and flow of your Minimal Viable Product.

Rapid Prototyping

4. Mock Screens: Our design team develops clean and detailed images that represent how your product will look and feel.

5. Reflect and Review: 

Through a series of meetings, we implement your feedback to create screens that meet your exact specifications.

6. Prototyping: We create a prototype, using the finalized screens, that models how your product will function.

Concept Validation

7. Product Demo: We put you in front of your target customers to present your prototype, creating exposure to the market, and feedback on how to improve.

8. Analytical Breakdown: We create an in-depth market analysis report using the information that is gathered from your target customers.

9. Delivering the Results: We discuss the market analysis report to show your business's feasibility while providing a road-map that will promote confidence in your product.

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