Strategic Partnerships

ISS takes great pride in all that it does and strives to put the customer’s need first. We outline and review each step along the way with every one of our customers, providing a clear transparent direction from start to completion. We ensure your needs are best represented. Our goal is to utilize the knowledge and expertise we acquired over the past decade, to quickly transition our customers’ concept into a dependable application. The services ISS provide usher this process expertly. ISS will quickly transition the developed product back over to your team when needed.

When subcontracting its services, ISS offers a complete package that includes:

Software Ideation Our Visualization Team, consisting of designers and engineers, works with you to specify software features and requirements.
Product Mockups Our designers will create screenshot-style mockups for your product or service to help raise funds, get pre-orders, or receive funding approval.
Turnkey Product Development The design and development process provides prototypes for approval. Engineers will develop and deliver a fully tested product providing a great out-of-box experience for your users.
24/7 Customer Support Our Customer Support Team will provide installation and other on-going software support to you and your customers.
Sales and Marketing Plans Experts will research the market and create a 24-month sales and marketing plan, providing a roadmap for you and promoting confidence to investors.
Sales Execution ISS sales experts provide a turnkey operation by creating the sales plan and delivering sales department services. We build a lead generation engine, execute the sales process, and deliver orders.
Capital Infusion Team A panel of investors can listen to your new product or service pitch and may invest and/ or provide business coaching

The quality assurance is secured because we apply comprehensive testing.
We also offer 24-hour support to our partners…
Wand many other customer conveniences.