Custom Applications

ISS has experience with integrating software solutions across multiple mediums; including, desktop, web, and, mobile. Amongst some of its more notable accomplishments, ISS has created Point of Care applications that are FDA cleared.

What makes ISS so unique is that each application is tailor-made and specifically designed to suit the business requirements of a client. This aspect, plus, the fact ISS works with each customer from concept to implementation, allows for non-intrusive, seamless, system integration.

Our industry experience includes:

Critical Medical Systems
Clinical and Health Management - Deploy your next precision medicine product with certified software. Collect & protect patient information without hassle using secure and efficient channels. Deliver personalized care without the weight of industrial big-box applications. Simplify your clinical workflows to meet your unique advantages.

Medical Practice and Hospital Operations – Track patients as people, not sales targets. Integrate data between your systems to ease burden on your staff. Understand your particular supply chain using your data and your metrics. Improve employee relations through personal interaction, not as just another asset. And manage your back-office procedures the way you want.
Digital Patient Experience – Meet your patients on their terms, where and when they need their information. Design unique patient portals to give you a leg up on the competition. Synch data to deliver a seamless patient experience. Prototype new wearable’s and Internet of Things (IoT) delivery channels to promote health, monitoring, and understanding. Collect feedback through a customized, mobile-friendly portal.
Digital Doctor Experience – Use intelligent, customized assignments and routines for your team. Enable on-the-move use of key hospital and operational tools to get your team back into the rooms and out of the back office. Track productivity on your terms. Simplify the patient-doctor-prescription experience.
Health Analytics – Find those key measures and relationships to understand what works and improve your outcomes. Predict future behavior or target precision medicine using your data. Pool, connect, understand, and report on your disparate data using custom warehouse, artificial intelligence, and data mining algorithms.